Tonight, P and I went to Primos, which is pretty much the best sandwich shop in the entire world. I always get a Buffalo Chicken Philly with sweet potato fries. The fries are the absolute perfect crunchy and the sauce on the philly is to die for. P never gets the same thing twice, but I am so in love with my sandwich and fries that I just cannot branch out.

Well, the shop is owned by a Korean couple, who gave us so much wonderful information, to include “hello,” “thank you,” and “bathroom.” I am so glad we didn’t go somewhere else. We had such a great conversation with this man. His younger brother is looking for American friends so he practice his English, and P and I both are looking to learn Korean throughout this grand adventure. The owner even gave us all his contact info in case we ever have questions, which was just so kind of him. I am so incredibly excited for our big move.