P talking here, my first post.  That’s right, I am entering the 21st century and adding my own eloquence to this newsletter.  (A is in my ear, like a mosquito that needs a good swatting, saying “Blog. It’s a Blog. It’s a blog.  It’S a BlOg! itsablogitsablogitsablogitsablog.” FACEPALM)

The past few days have been crazy…not always in a whirlwind kind of way.  It’s crazy more like Jack in The Shining, “Heeeeeeere’s JOHNNY!”  We are squatting in our apartment and its amazing how much space is here…it does in fact echo.  Oh, and just for your education, FACT: sitting on the floor with your back on the wall does not actually equal a chair.  FACT: your feet start going to sleep after 2 minutes and 19 seconds of sitting on the floor with your legs straight, which is 1 minute and 3o seconds after your ass fell asleep.  But, life is good because our SoulTown adventure is on the horizon…I guess you could say we’re in the crazy before the “Morning Calm.”  Other than just sheer unbridled anticipation of the epic journey ahead, A&P remain happy to spend each moment together.  Enter Gayest-Thing-I-Can-Type.  Exit Gayest-Thing-I-Can-Type.

And in response to A’s post, we do have food in the apartment.  PB and J handles almost 3 of the basic food groups.