We are finally all packed up (ish). The random crap around the apartment has been thrown away (to include a POUND of bacon. Boy, do I feel like I just committed a major crime). Tomorrow we turn in the keys, and begin our journey. And tonight marks our last night squatting in our own apartment. Perhaps sometime in the next week, I will actually have a chair and table where I can sit and do my homework. Let me tell you, my old lady joints show their true colors when I chill out on the floor for extended periods of time. Anydoodles, I am off to get this week’s homework done, so that just maybe I will actually have time to update the world on our doings once we are in country.

PS- if you’re looking for a crazy movie, Black Swan is the way to go. No Strings Attached and The Dilemma are also quite good. But seriously, Black Swan is insane and everyone needs to see it.