We made it! P and I arrived late last night after a very long day of flying. We left at 5AM on Tuesday morning (ATL time) and arrived Wednesday at 8PM (local time). The flight was remarkably AWESOME. We flew with Singapore Airlines, and the flight attendants had the CUTEST little uniforms. But the real awesome part, you ask? Well, the fact that the plane was maybe two-thirds full. There was not a single row on that plane that was fully occupied. P and I got three seats all to ourselves, so it was a really comfy flight. There were even little TVs in the back of the seats, so we could watch movies & TV, listen to music, play games, even track our flight progress. Super neat.

As is typical with international flights, we had to close the shades for the majority of the flight. However, the first couple hours and the last couple hours we did have the windows open and the views were fantastic. Leaving San Fran, we flew up the coast, barely over the water. There are some absolutely gorgeous islands right off the coast. I think it was over Oregon that we saw some beautiful, and barely inhabited, areas. Awesomeness, I would totally become a west coastie if we could live in one of those more rural areas that we saw. At about 5PM local time, they let us open the shades back up. We were 36,000 feet in the air and flying west. Quite literally, until we landed, we were flying into the sunset. This was easily one of the prettiest flights that I have ever taken.

Once we were in the airport, P was absolutely amazed at how quiet things were, and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed had he not mentioned it. Our bags made it, and thus far, everything looks unharmed. Everything went very smoothly.

At  9PM we boarded a bus headed to post, and promptly fell asleep. And let me tell you, that is a show of just how exhausted we were. Drivers around here are very scary and believe their brakes are meant to be used 2.35 feet before a stop, and one must never slow before a turn. Insanity! We arrived at our hotel, and promptly fell right asleep. Easily the best sleep I’ve gotten in awhile (although I certainly am ready for a nap!). And we have a rather nice view from our room too. You can see the mountains and so many neat buildings, it really is cool. I’d upload a picture or two, but my camera cord is buried currently.

Today, Day 2, has been rather uneventful. P has been doing his work stuff, and I have  been chilling. I think I am going to go out and explore soon.