Boy, today was a very long day!

Today, was the first day we actually slept through the night and weren’t wide awake at 0300. We got up at  6AM, packed our bags, and checked out of the hotel. We’ve made our (temporary) move into the barracks, and, frankly, we don’t want to leave. I need to take pictures. The living quarters here consists of a massive bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom — massive applying to each of those rooms, btw, not just the bedroom. The living room and kitchen are bigger than our apartment we left in Alabama. It really is insane.We will live here until we find a place to live out in town, and then the fun begins!

We made the trek back to the capitol after checking in so that I could take my finance exam, and I smoked it. Okay, not really, but I did do pretty well.

After a lot of walking from place to place to place and back to that other place, we are finally back at our new home base. We don’t have easy access to internet, but there is free wifi in a nearby building. Slow it may be, but it will allow me to keep everyone updated and get homework done until we move again.