Today is the the Lunar New Year. Here, it is called Seolnal. It is treated in a similar fashion as our Thanksgiving. Tuesday is the last working day of the week for most, and everyone travels home on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to their family/ancestral homes. The holiday is centered around family and respect. This is the biggest holidays in Korea.

Yesterday, we checked out apartments, and even a HOUSE! Yes, that’s right, we looked at a house. It was a three story house, that even had a yard. Pretty cool, huh? Too bad it’s way too big for the two of us. We saw some pretty cool places, and we are definitely looking forward to finding the places for us.

One nice thing, it’s starting to warm up here. The weather is getting in to the high 30s/low 40s. The ice and snow is starting to melt. So overall, I am a pretty happy camper. Looking forward to the week of spring Korea has to offer.