So a little backstory:

A few nights ago, P and I decided we needed to 1) figure out how to take the bus to the nearest subway station, and 2) find the nearest grocery store (sometimes taking that hour long bus ride to the commissary is a PITA). Well, conveniently, the nearest grocery store is actually located IN the nearest subway station. And outside that grocery store was lots of ladies’ clothing on sale. Guess who has been searching for a new coat pretty much since we got here? That’s right me. I brought my big white pretty coat my mommy gave me, however, sometimes it is actually a little warm for that coat, or we’re going some place I really don’t want to bring my beautiful dry clean only coat. I finally settled on an orange and brown coat. This thing really is ridiculous, and completely clashes with every single scarf and hat I brought with me to this very cold country (as it is, the hats and scarves clash with each other). It really makes me think of pumpkin patches cross with lumpy old bag ladies, but I absolutely love the darn thing. Plus it was cheap! Who doesn’t love cheap??

Anyways, you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with our early Valentine’s Day celebrations. Well, I’ll tell you. After we paid for my schnazzy new coat, we weren’t quite ready to wander back to the BOQ, so we walked around the area. Plus we were a little hungry and looking for a place that took card (we spent the last of our won on my coat — oops!) and looked trustworthy. All over Seoul, we have seen this place called Paris Baguette. Once  we realized it was a massive chain, we weren’t really in any hurry to try it out. Yes, we are young and hippyish and snub chain anything. Haha, yeah right, but still, we haven’t gone running to try this place since there is still so much food just of the Korean variety left to try! Well, this night we decided to go in and realized it wasn’t a fast food deli type place as we thought, but actually a bakery/pastry shop. We moseyed around for awhile, looking, but not necessarily planning on buying anything (ok, I wasn’t, P probably was. He was starving). Well, since I wore my pretty coat out, I was carrying my new coat. A lot of places don’t give you shopping bags here, so the new coat was merely slung over my arm. Evidently, my lumpy  brown coat decided it had it out for one of the pastries on the shelf and knocked it over. So there I am talking to P with a pastry at my feet, completely unaware, when P lunges to my feet with a “Honey! You knocked a pastry over!” and picks it up. He walks it over to the counter indicating that it was dropped on the floor. The cute pastry worker bees shuffle to throw it away and clean up the powdered sugar that is now covering the floor, and one gestures to the register. Honestly, I was a little taken aback, mostly because, unless it’s something terribly expensive, you don’t get charged for an accident. You know what I mean?

Well, it turns out they weren’t charging us for knocking over the pastry, they were charging us because they thought we wanted one! After paying, one of the girls handed us a pastry. I think that was the best 2,800 won I think we’ve spent since we got here. Let me describe this thing to you: It was a croissant — or some other type of fluffy, crunchy French bread — cut in half, with a whipped buttercream icing, strawberries, powdered sugar, and something green. And it was GORGEOUS. I wouldn’t have picked this thing out on my own, but it was the perfect blend of light, fluffy, crunchy, sweet, salty, and amazing.

You’re probably still wondering what this has to do with Valentine’s Day, aren’t you? I’m getting there.

A few days later, we had the battalion FRG meeting, and someone brought a Paris Baguette cake. Now we had seen these in the display cases, and they were beautiful, pale and delicious looking. Most in the cases were “Fresh Creme Cakes” of one sort or another, but one that really stood out to me was a Sweet Potato Creme Cake (and that will likely be my 21st b-day cake). P and I both tried this cake and it was heavenly: three layers of a light white cake (think angel’s food cake), with a whipped cream icing and layers of candied fruit between each layer of cake, and then a gorgeous array of fruit and whipped cream clouds on top. Doesn’t that just sound wonderful? We’ll have to get one whenever you come visit us here, we definitely have room for guests (just wait, that’s in the next post).

Fast forward to today: Friday, Day 17.

Today, P and I did our first big grocery trip (and by big, I mean, what we could fit into our backpacks — remember, it’s an hour bus ride to the commissary, and then a good ten minute walk from the bus stop). Afterwards, I got on a bit of a cleaning kick. I hate living in other peoples fungo. It’s just gross, and then on top of that, Korea has a little bit of a mold problem. I definitely want to prevent the growth of any mold in this apartment. Well, we realized we forgot a few things at the store, so P offered to run down to our “PX/Commissary” for me (isn’t he just the sweetest?).

So, tonight at dinner, I tried to pass off the last of my food to P, because, as usual I was full. P nearly jumps out of his skin, “You are NOT full, I’m telling you, you are not full!” and runs out of the room. I’m sitting here thinking “man, how cool would it be if he got a Paris Baguette cake, I really want a Paris Baguette cake,” and mostly jsut daydreaming, wondering why P is acting so strangely. Well, he came back with a card and a baggie full of stuff. The stuff in the bag went along with what he wrote on the card, and the last word written was “cake.” Guess whose really awesome husband got her a really yummy Paris Baguette cake for V-Day? That’s right, mine. Isn’t he the sweetest?? Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!