I keep forgetting to take a picture as we walk off post. Literally, you turn a corner, and the city rises above the hill. It’s that spot that Seoul really reminds me of the Lego town I described in a previous post. This picture is from the highway and kind of shows that image.I know the image is hazy, but, unfortunately, that is Korea. The sky is never blue, and the distance is always hard to see, even if “distance” is just the other side of the runway.

Here are pictures of the BOQ. Pretty nice for military quarters, don’t you think? This place is twice the size of our apartment in Alabama.

These are the pictures from Seodaemun Prison. We didn’t take many, it seemed too sad to take lots of pictures.

These guys made us some awesome traditional honey tea cakes while we were at Namdaemun Market. I wish I had recorded the process because it was just so cool.It really was a bit of a show.

Let me know what you think about the slide shows versus a long list of pictures. I don’t plan on doing a lot of slide shows, just when we have large amounts of pictures all related to each other.