Crazy to think we’ve been here for a month already. We are settling very nicely, and are very happy with being in Korea. School sucks, and P says he’s being killed slowly by powerpoint, but spring is a-coming! I’m discovering there are plenty of work opportunities here, so after finals wrap up (next week, woot!), the search is on! We both seem to be making friends, which is awesome. I had dinner at a new friend’s house today, and she made the best banana bread I’ve ever had! And she introduced me to some cool music (P remind me to play some Lily Allen for you). There are some great people here who are really taking us under their wings.

Well, I am off to bed, I just wanted to leave y’all with a quick update. Tomorrow is a big day for me: An exam in the morning, hospital paperwork after that, and shoe shopping in the afternoon! Oh and that dreaded paper due at the end of the week. But it will all be done tomorrow. I will not let my procrastination steal my time with P this weekend! Goodnight, everyone!