So my our last post was on March 10, Day 44. It’s been awhile, and I apologize. To be fair, I have been sick and we have been boring over the last couple weeks. So where to start….

Day 45, March 11, P had come off 24 hour duty the day before, but we needed to get some errands done that day so he never got a chance to go to sleep. We planned to have an easy night in until one of our new friends called us and invited us to see a movie. Surprisingly, P had hit a 14th wind, and was very alert and hyper (at this point he had been up for over 36 hours). We all rallied at the local bar, and started off with a few games of bingo and free hotdogs (YUM!).

After a few rounds of bingo, we hopped in a cab towards “Garden Five,” which evidently is the home to the nearest movie theater (and I think someone said it’s an IMAX, too).

Garden Five was covered in tons of changing lights. I am still amazed by the amazing display of creativity in the design of the buildings here. When we got to Garden Five,  however, we discovered most of the shops and the movie theater was closed for the day! It was only 8 or 9 PM. Inside we did find a flower shop, where I bought itty bitty cutesy plants and the door to Platform 9 3/4 and more cool lights.

We left Garden Five, and went to a coffee shop. We even sat in the “business seating” section. Scandalous. After a lot of chit chatting, some hot cocoa, and a strange “pretzel” (I really wish I had gotten a picture of it), we headed outside and started looking for a cab.

Little did we know this was the beginning of our long walk home.

We had very no luck in finding a cab, and after many attempts to hail a cab figured we could at least move in the right direction as we waited. It had gotten very cold that night, so standing still wasn’t an option any of us were fond of (me especially, I didn’t wear socks that night). We ended up walking home, quite literally over the river and through the woods, too. It was a good few miles, not a big deal under normal circumstances, but it was cold! We made it home around 1 or 2AM, much later than any of us expected to be out!

Saturday, Day 46, somehow turned into a shopping day. P wanted a light sweater and we were both interested in finding St. Patrick’s Day garb. One of the big shopping districts of Seoul also houses what I am pretty sure is the only Catholic Cathedral in Korea. It was an absolutely gorgeous cathedral with sprawling grounds. There was even a wedding going on when we poked our heads inside.

I actually had a very difficult time getting a good picture of the cathedral because it was so large. The cathedral was located on a huge amount of land and had ton of different halls and such. What was really crazy was walking down the driveway and out of the parking lot. From where I took the above picture, if I turned all the way around and looked right was Myeongdong: one of the large shopping districts of Seoul.

This picture was taken just steps from the Cathedral grounds.

Neither of us was too impressed with the area. It is home to a lot of popular chains such as H&M, Forever21, etc, and the prices in the area matched. What can I say, we want the good deals Korea has to offer! P was in search of a sweater and we did not find that here, so we hopped on the subway and headed towards Dongdeamun. If you don’t remember Dongdaemun, this post man refresh your memory: Day 28. By this point, we realized we were starving. Our Lonely Planet guide book told us there is an Uzbekistan, which we were really pumped to check out. Evidently, the book got it a little wrong, and it was outside a different subway stop. But it’s all good in the neighborhood. We found an amazing and amazingly cheap Korean restaurant. Nothing was over 5,ooowon. We ordered 3 dishes and it was only 14,000won! Woohoo! We got a starter of dumplings, P got what looked like chicken fried steak but was some sort of amazing fried pork or something (who knows), and I got the spiciest spicy pork I’ve ever had. It was amazing!

We headed over to the super malls, where P found an awesome sweater and a nifty four leaf clover belt. I found the greatest thing ever, and I wish I had a picture to share with you: an Audrey Hepburn brooch. The vendor did not want to sell us one at first, kept telling us “display, display” and indicating that the brooches went with the dresses. Well, as we stood there trying to pick out a dress, because I wanted an Audrey Hepburn brooch, she said “okay, okay,” and punched 5000 into her calculator (the easiest means of shopping with a language barrier, it’s awesome!). What I STEAL! I should have bought them, but I was so excited to get just one, I didn’t even think about it.

I also found some very cute springtime earrings: a bunny rabbit and a carrot.

I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned it yet, but most of the time Koreans do not ever check to make sure the things they right in English are spelled correctly or make sense. For example, I bought a shirt with a VW bus on it that says “I have classic car/Classic car driver/My life is classic driver.” What does that even mean?? Or this:

So 58% don’t want to die? And the other do??

Some things are just plain scary, however. Like this poor mutilated baby doll. Who thought this was a good idea?

Sunday, we didn’t do much except eat and watch Rome. We found a food with an awesome brunch menu. I ordered fish and chips (I had a really difficult time choosing between that and French toast with strawberry compote — I know what I am ordering next time), and P ordered a breakfast burger with bacon. Let’s face it. Bacon will always win the food battle. My fish and chips were good, but they just didn’t compare to P’s burger.

LOVE this picture

While Monday was a day off for everyone, we spent the day dealing with admin stuff. Lame-tasticity. Yes, I made up that word. But that’s okay. Sunday night, I started getting sick. Once we got home, I slept for the entire afternoon and P, awesome man that he is, cleaned the apartment. He even did the bathrooms which I had been putting off for ages (when the shower is not separated from the rest of the bathroom with either a tub or walls, things get grimy fast!).

That week was just another week for us: P worked, I did my school stuff, and then the everyday normal stuff.

Friday, Day 52, we went out with friends for a belated Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. Unfortunately, my camera died at the beginning of the night, which was a super bummer. I was dressed like a cute little leprechaun. Okay, not really, but it was nice enough for me to wear a dress!

I don’t remember what we did Saturday and Sunday, bummed around mostly, but we did make our way back to the Pizza Peel one of those days. We ordered a dessert pizza this time: Triple Chocolate Pizza. Damn fantastic, I tell you!

Nutella sauce, fudgey chocolate chunks, and white chocolate chunks. Delicious!

Monday, Day 55 (which also was a special day for P and me), P and I finally visited a palace. We had been planning on visiting one for weeks (there are five major ones in the Seoul area). We visited Gyeoungbukdong Palace. It was huge. I cannot do it justice in trying to describe it (it was yet another huge awesomeness that I had a very hard time trying to capture with my camera, plus there were like 100 ginormous buildings that all looked the same). Here is the history of the building if you are interested (wikipedia’s version): Gyeoungbukdong Palace. It was pretty cool, because the palace actually starts inside the subway station. And we arrived at the perfect time, too. The changing of the “guards” ceremony was just beginning as we walked out of the subway station!

“Those that pass through this gate shall not be old forever.”

We’re still not sure if that means we will die young or be young forever.

Our Tour Guide



Once again, we had a rather boring week. Work and school, work and school. EXCEPT! Our “household goods” arrived. We didn’t ship much, but it is nice having a few pictures and some more clothes. I’ve always heard horror stories about having your HHGs shipped overseas. Luckily, all of our stuff seems to be in good working order (granted, we shipped zero furniture). We just ended up with a couple of squished boxes.

This weekend was a bum around weekend. We were both pretty tired and need some relax time, and had no desire to spend all day walking around being tourists this week. I’m sure you all have those days where you just want to stay home and watch Star Wars. Oh, and we did find the Korean version of Walmart. It pretty much made my year. Once we get a car, I will have other grocery shopping option than the commissary!

Well, good night, everyone. It is time for me to get well rested for Monday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂