Today was a cleaning day. I even hung up some pictures! Granted, they were hung on nails that were already in the walls, but still, it’s definitely progress. Our apartment is becoming a home! Today was supposed to be a grocery shopping day, but when I got to the commissary, I found out it is closed on Mondays. Basically, I am a ding-dong. The majority of commissaries around the world are closed on Mondays. Just means I get to go grocery shopping tomorrow!

I did realize that my Day 61 recap had places that didn’t make much sense, and also seemed to lack the life that I try to give my posts. However, I have a VERY good excuse: We were watching Star Wars while I typed. What normal human being would put all her energy into good writing when Star Wars is on?? Not me.

Have a great Monday, everyone! May the force be with you! Oh, and please send some good vibes to P! He’s taking a very important test tomorrow. I won’t say which one because I don’t want to jinx him. I shall update tomorrow with what should be grand news. (Tomorrow meaning before you go to bed tonight!)

Good night world!