So it’s Friday. Even better, it’s lunch time on Friday, which means we are halfway through the day and heading towards the weekend.

Tonight, we are attending a Hail and Farewell, which hopefully will be short and sweet, after which we will head out to a COUNTRY BAR! Cool, right? We’re pretty excited for this. (That’s the plan for now, it could very well change in the next six hours.)

Tomorrow, however, is the big day. Tomorrow, we are going on a Cherry Blossom Tour. According to the flyer, we will tour a grotto, temple, and museum, and will see tons of pretty cherry blossoms in full bloom (although, I’ll be really surprised if we do! Nothing seems to be in bloom right now, it’s just barely started warming up!). We have been looking forward to this since we arrived. Unfortunately, the bus leaves at 0730. Hopefully, we don’t oversleep!!

Oh, and before I forget, P just finished up the paperwork for our brand new to us ’93 Daewoo Prince! Woohoo. We’ll pick it up from the previous owner tomorrow after the CB Tour.

There are a lot of really fun and neat things going on this month, which I am extremely excited to share with you guys as we experience them (or as I do, since it seems P is going to be working a lot this month). April to October is the major festival season here in Korea (as is expected, and thank goodness, too! P and I need something to replace boogie season while we’re here!). I can’t wait to post a ton of pictures for you guys!

Have a great and wonderful weekend, everyone!!