Spring is HERE! It’s about darn time. I have been taking pictures of flowers and trees like a madman all week. None of them are particularly good, but I’m having fun. There is one strange type of tree in our neighborhood. A week ago the trees that line the street were very much so bare. However, looking at them you would think it was fall.  The leaves on these trees are crispy and brown like fall leaves. The trees also have this strange thorny looking flower, too.

Last weekend, we didn’t end up going on the Cherry Blossom Tour, and we’re actually really happy about it. We found out after the fact that it was four hours each way. On a bus full of screaming children. Plus, like we thought, very few Cherry Blossoms had actually bloomed.

We actually didn’t oversleep, which was the weird part. We skipped out on the tour because the food court wasn’t open! We may not have overslept, but we also didn’t allot time for eating breakfast at home either. We figured we could grab some food at the CAC and we’d be dandy.

Instead, we decided to take our first road trip to Osan AFB. Woohoo! Osan is where a lot of people head for shopping. Outside the gates is a huge shopping district, and one of the places to go for custom made anything. Before heading out we decided to stop at Paris Baguette for breakfast (it’s the only place we know of in the area that has quick meals). Yum! The GPS decided it does not like us, so we ended up making the trip without it and it was an extremely easy drive. A little traffic-y, but very easy.


Pretty church we saw before getting on the highway.

Harley Davidson - KOREA!

Some sort of neat looking temple.

Osan AFB

We started at the BX, and it was glorious. While they had pretty much the exact same stuff as our PX in Yongsan, the whole place wasn’t picked over. They had all the “normal/average” sizes in stock. We actually were able to get a guest bedroom set and a few other items we needed/wanted but were never in stock here. I did unexpectedly find a new pair of walking shoes, which just made my week. I have been having serious issues with my feet, and these were perfect and semi-trendy (and from the kids’ section: aka CHEAP!). They are super filthy now, but I did discover they hold up to that annoying drizzly rain quite well.

Not only does Osan have a huge BX, but they also have a little slice home (not a very good one, but it’s still a slice): Chili’s. I wish I had gotten a picture, but I did not. I’m sure we’ll be back. And I’m sure we will eventually eat there.Well, maybe not, we don’t really like Chili’s.

After getting the things we needed from the BX, we headed off post. The main goal of the trip (other than getting out of the house) was to get P a new flight bag. It took us a little while to find the right shop, but we eventually found it. This bag P got is an absolute monster. It’s HUGE! But he was thrilled. P has wanted this bag since we got here and he first saw it.

More opposite the gates.


Opposite the gate.

I'm pretty sure this man made a home on that couch. (I feel kind of guilty for taking this picture, but this is the first beggar I've seen here that didn't do it with dignity -- yes, most beggars we've seen have been pretty dignified, if not creative)

We also came away with a 2KG of strawberries. Yum. The strawberries here are so wonderful. I found some formal shoes, too, but then we realized we would not be attending the Aviation Ball this year, as P will most likely be flying that night. I considered going by myself, but I don’t think it’d be nearly as fun without my favorite dance partner. The shoes are amazingly comfortable, so I really couldn’t pass them up. It’s really nice living in a place where the shoes are designed for feet my size (the proportions are always a little off on pumps that I buy in the US).

We took our goodies back to the car, so that we could get lunch without having to lug everything around. I placed the strawberries in the backseat, and went to shut the door. Well, let’s just say I’m not used to regular car doors, at least not the back doors anyways. I grabbed the top corner of the door thinking that was as far as the door extended. Oh, no. There is like this whole extra chunk below that top corner (those of you with sedan probably know what I am talking about, where the back door curves over the tires). I was not clear of the door when I swung it shut, and I whacked myself in the hip. Hard. Literally, dropped straight to ground rolling and moaning like gunshot victim. Of course, the parking lot was not empty, everyone stopped and stared and laughed (to include P). I felt completely over dramatic. That is, until I stood up and saw the BLOOD. Yes, everyone, our new ’93 Daewoo Prince attacked me. Thank goodness I always carry band-aids for my blisters! (Oh, and I don’t have any pictures of Big Blue yet. I planned to take a few today, but P decided to drive to work today and I didn’t realize it until it was too late to take pictures. Tomorrow!)

We planned to go to Mr. Kebab right outside the gate, but it seemed everyone else had the same plan as well. They had a line out the door! We kept walking, and found another kebab restaurant. It was divine. P order this spicy beef kebab wrap, and I got a shrimp Turkish pizza. We had balloon bread, too (no idea how it’s actually spelled, but that is how it was pronounced). I didn’t get any pictures of P’s food, because I was too focused on my own. Boy was it amazing!


As you can see, I barely remembered to take a picture of my own food. By the time P's came out, pictures were long forgotten.

They had these cool tapestries all over the restaurant.

We didn’t do much else for the rest of the weekend. We had to clean and baby-proof our house. We did go back to Baby Guinness, so I could get some French Toast with strawberry compote (aka, jam). It was so yummers.

Oh, wait that’s not true. Sunday, we got home after our Baby Guinness brunch and started cleaning. I gave my friend a call who’s been having some bad days lately. Well, her honey was on duty and she didn’t get to go to her favorite bistro on Friday night like the two of them had planned, so we all went to dinner.

The three of us split an avocado chicken pizza, pineapple mashed potatoes, and shrimp pizza (this was my choice, but I was unaware of the mustard on it. The Koreans use mustard in the most bizarre ways, and unfortunately, it’s in my top three yucky food list. I’ve been surprised more than once since arriving here and it’s never good). Minus the shrimp pizza, the food was wonderful (pineapple mashed potatoes, oddly fantastic). P said the shrimp pizza was good, however. All I remember is mustard. We’d been chatting for awhile, and I eventually decided if we were going to be there for awhile, I needed dessert. Dessert was the best choice I made all weekend. It was some sort of banana/fruit bread, with blueberries, and ice cream. Oh yum yum yum.

Staring at this long enough would make you want dessert, too!

And it came with itsy bitsy forks (I wish I had gotten a picture of them!)

Pretty much every available surface had drawings on it.

I really like this picture.


This week was pretty uneventful. We had guests, which included an 18 month old little boy. While he was an exceptionally well behaved and happy toddler, having him in the house just made us even more certain that we are in no way ready for children.

P and I also got the paperwork handled so I can actually go get my driver’s license, so I think I’ll take the test for that next week. Hopefully, I’ll have time. I also went to the American Red Cross volunteer orientation. I will be answering phones once a week (I really wanted more time, but they just didn’t have any more work for me).

I think that covers the last week or so. P has 24 hour duty today. I had planned on working on my last assignment today, but that has yet to happen. Oh well, I have 12 more hours to complete everything! I did read an entire novel, though. It was a gorgeous day, and I was quite happy to curl up in bed with all the windows open.

Have a great weekend everyone!