Yesterday, I almost didn’t go to church with P. Church takes a huge chunk out of our Sundays, and sometimes I just want to relax a little at home. I ended up calling P to come home and get me shortly after he left. Let me tell you, I am so glad that I did.

There are three priests assigned to Yongsan. We’ve only been to services by two of the priests, and honestly we almost stopped going to church on post before we went to a mass by the second priest. Father Ken is amazing. I’m not Catholic, but to me a worship service is a worship service is a worship service, and some in the service the leader of the service will speak his or her own words. This man is amazing, and will absolutely leave you with a smile on your face. You can have a discussion with and feel like you can be open and honest, like you’re talking to a friends. You know what I mean? There are those religious leaders who will move you, and you know you can relate with them; and then there are those who you feel are in a completely different world? Well, Father Ken is of the former group.

Anyways, we were a little late to mass, due to my wishy-washy shenanigans, but we made our way into the chapel well before the homily. Father Ken spoke about the death of his mother and the years that followed. It was absolutely moving, and you saw the completely human side of the priest, which is sometime difficult for me to see when he’s at the front of the church in robes. I cannot explain why it is that I am happy I didn’t miss church this week, I can only tell you that I am. All I know, was listening to him speak made me feel so blessed, and those little things just don’t matter.

One thing I always wonder is why men go into the priesthood and women become nuns. I have a greater understanding of Protestant minister’s reasoning (or so I think), but I feel like entering the priesthood and the [is it nunnery or sisterhood??] is so much more of a commitment. To give up the companionship of a spouse and of creating new life, to me anyways, is a HUGE sacrifice to enter religious service. So, I often find myself wondering what motivate people to enter those lifestyles: what was the turning events in their lives that led them there? Because, often as I forget it, these men and women were once children, teenagers, and young adults before choosing that path in their lives. They have personalities which you (or maybe it’s just me) rarely see while they are delivering their homilies and performing the various tasks of the mass.

In Father Ken’s homily yesterday, he mentioned that for years after his mother’s death, he was bitter and very angry with God for taking her away so quickly. He said even through his first year in the seminary, he felt that way. I was curious before about his story, but after yesterday, I am extremely curious. However, I feel that decision is likely very personal, so it will likely remain a mystery. It is one of my big curiosities of the Catholic faith. (On a side note, we are very lucky, Father Ken has told us he will begin services at our local chapel after Easter.)

After church, we found ourselves back at the Pizza Peel. I don’t think we ever need to eat anywhere else in this city. We are Pizza Peel addicts. We almost went with the Texas Ranger pizza, our absolute favorite, and what we always order. BUT we ordered a lovely calzone (same one we mentioned last month — the Classic Italian with honey crust), yum. That crust is amazing, I watched this time, it literally is the regular crust with honey drizzled on it and rolled into the crust. We asked for spinach to mixed it up. Okay not really, haha, P wanted the white pizza which is ricotta, mozzarella, and spinach, and I wanted honey crust (the calzone has ricotta, mozzarella, and HAM). Win win, right? But we went when they were super busy and we ended up with regular ole Classic Italian calzone. We aren’t complaining! It was delicious (just slightly less healthy). For dessert, we went outside the box. Instead of Triple Chocolate (mmmm), we ordered a Blueberry pizza, which came with a surprise! ICE CREAM!

Sorry it's not a whole pizza, but it was just so pretty we jumped in without much thought!


We actually drove to the Pizza Peel this week, and parked on a pretty busy road. So while we didn’t get to take the most direct way out, P took us through some off-the-beaten-path back roads that had a ton of antique and vintage stores! I probably won’t be able to check it out for awhile (nor will I likely ever buy anything, considering the location of these antique stores), but I’m pretty excited for when the opportunity to antique window shop arises!

After finally making it home, P and I chilled, popped a pizza in the oven, and watched Almost Famous, to which I promptly fell asleep. (I did finish the movie this morning.)

Tonight we had another awesome adventure, which was totally unexpected so I didn’t take my camera. But I will post more about that one later! For now it is bed time. P’s alarm will be ringing in less than seven hours now. Goodnight world! Y’all have a lovely Monday!