Well, we’ve reached our halfway point of our voluntary separation, and I’m beginning to wonder why in the world we chose to spend three weeks apart. Despite being about to chat at least twice a day, not being able to send him off to work with a kiss and curl up next to him at night definitely takes some adjusting. However, I know we are lucky that we are in a place that does not currently threaten us with year long deployments. But with Easter morning just a few hours away, I do feel a little guilty that I’m not there to spend it with my husband, especially since he is stuck working this Easter.

So instead of spending my evening chatting with my favorite person in the entire world, I am reading the blogs of others. One woman, a very successful woman who just turned thirty wrote something that made me smile and feel extremely blessed. She wrote,

Honestly, it’s a funny thing, transitioning to being part of a couple (and considering someone else’s needs). It seems like it would be automatic, but it really isn’t. Especially after you’ve been single for quite some time, you forget about basic couple-type things – like, uh … checking in with another person.

Many times over the past few weeks, I’ve thought that dating through your twenties does little to properly equip you for the sacrifices of a serious, committed relationship. Sometimes I feel completely unprepared in a way that’s altogether embarrassing, given my age.  Shouldn’t I know how to do all this by now?

So, while some may call us crazy for marrying so young, I feel extremely blessed that I met P at such a young age. I feel even more blessed that as we grow and mature through our adulthood that we can do so with the other in mind. Some days, I fret over what direction I should choose in terms of a career, since my five year plan became a little non-existent once we moved to Korea. However, I try not to worry about it too much because I am so blessed to have the man of my dreams at my side.

A lot of people say that moving in with someone is hard work: You must learn to deal with each others weird habits, you must learn how to separate chores, you must decide this that or the other, and so on and so forth. I’ll be honest, moving in with P was the most natural thing in the world (maybe it’s just me who feels that way, but maybe P did as well), perhaps because we were nearly inseparable from the moment we met. The fact that we haven’t had to be separated, nor will we have to be for awhile, is yet another beautiful blessing for us.

I guess on this Easter Eve, I am feeling very blessed. Not only do I have my health, my family, and my happiness, I also have a wonderful person who actually wants to share his life with me. Who could ask for more??

Destin, FL