Okay, so where do we start? I’ve been home for over a month now. A lot has happened, yet at the same time, I feel as though nothing has happened. Most days seem way too short, despite the longer summer days, which is why it’s taken me so long to get to a new post. It’s 10:27PM right now, and we will likely be into Day 124 when I finish this post. If I actually finish this post. P and I have to be up awfully early tomorrow. I may end up cutting this post into Part 1 & 2. We shall see.

So, I had a relatively easy flight into Incheon. I arrived slightly ahead of schedule. I actually could have made it onto the last bus. However, the original arrival time was about 5 minutes after the last scheduled bus departure, and I had already agreed to split a cab with an Airman (I hope that’s the right term!). I felt it would’ve been a little rude to just blow him off. Cabs are expensive! I’m glad I did, too, it gave P an opportunity to beat me home! Which was AWESOME! He even made me cookies!

He also abused my plant while I was away....

About 36 hours later, on Day 100, we attended the Quad-A (Army Aviation Association of America) Ball. It was an awesome event held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul. P was so sweet, he got us a room at the hotel, so we could get ready at there and go out later (yeah, that backfired later, haha, but we’ll get to that). This was after 1 final exam, 427 random errands, and 1 ridiculous dress debacle. I dropped my dress off for alterations before I left for the States. The dress needed two minor alterations (straight lines and no need to be taken apart or anything): the shoulders and hem need to be taken up. Hey, I’m short! Overall, it should have been pretty easy alterations. However, when I went to pick it up the day before of the ball, the hem was uneven and too short in the front and the shoulder straps were uneven. Seriously, we are in Korea folks. There are alteration shops on every street corner. I went to the shop on post because it was the only place I could get to the night before leaving the country. What floors me, is these women are allowed to charge higher prices because they are on post. Oh, and get this, I once again got into the country moments before a major Korean holiday, so when I went to pick up the dress, none of the seamstresses were available. Luckily, I had another dress in the closet, but I was pretty bummed, I really liked that dress and I’ll never get to wear it now. For the record, I did go back the next week and get my money back for the alterations.

The food was wonderful, the speakers were okay (let’s face it, I was jetlagged, I didn’t pay any attention at all), and the company was great. Due to my grogginess, I definitely didn’t take as many pictures as I should’ve, and the very few of the ones I did take, turned out well.

Yummy yummy messy bread

Oddly delicious and disgusting at the same time.

P's yummy steak. Yeah, he won the food war.

My okay chicken. But those taters you can barely see were absolutely amazing.

Pretty much the nastiest dessert in the history of desserts. Grapefruit sauce ontop of a less than okay white choco mousse. Yuck.

After “dessert,” we had a legitimate yummy cake, which almost became a very delicious pillow. The formal portion of the evening finished up, we mingled a bit, danced a bit, and within thirty minutes I was upstairs in our hotel room, dead to the world. I mentioned earlier how P’s hotel plans would backfire, and this was how. I was in bed by 10:30 that night. There was no changing and going out in order to dance the night away for us. But it was awesome anyways. One of our friends had been telling us about the basement bar in the hotel, and P tells me it was a pretty cool atmosphere. I can guarantee we’ll end up back at the Grand Hyatt.

Well, I had intended to get y’all caught up completely before running off to bed, but P is insisting I come to bed. It is almost midnight (also in my defense, no, I am not a super slow typist, we were watching TV while I pounded away) and we have an early start tomorrow. I will pick up with Day 101 next time. Goodnight, everyone.