Ok, so, I’m tired of playing catchup and want to get onto our sweet 4th of July post. So, here’s the Cliff Notes version of June:

One of the neighborhood kitties got a hair cut.

I got involved with some of the spouse group classes, and started making some awesome friends.

We visited the Cheonan, the ROK ship that was sank by the North Koreans last spring (March 2010).

P made me a sweet flower crown.

Mrs. K celebrated a big birthday.

I got more involved with the American Red Cross.

We bought a grill and outdoor “furniture.”

The Rs finally moved here with their cute little baby, and we’re cat-sitting their kitty until they get settled. Much as we like the cat, we don’t like her litter-box.

My honey brought my flowers while I was volunteering one day.

And we had our first soju night. It was actually a pretty cool place: low ceilings, writing on the wall, no A/C. Ok, it was a little strange. Lesson of the night: Soju is the devil.

Oh, and P worked a lot.

Btw, did you know it takes forever to type up a “quick” post while watching How I Met Your Mother?