Well, since my human parents have been major slackers and have yet to send out a true announcement about my adoption, I thought I’d introduce myself.

My name is Maggie May, but my friends call me Maggie.

This is me on the day they brought me home. I’m cute right? That was back on Day 255. I was a little skinny and scared, but still super cute.

So here’s my story. I’m Korean (but I’ve picked up Engrish way fast). They think I’m about 4ish. I spent the first few years of my life on a chain, eating scraps. Over the summer, a really nice lady took me home and got me medical care. Turns out I had heartworm, but they caught it early. By the time my new parents brought me home, I had recovered from the wormies (WOOHOO). Otherwise, I was (and am) perfectly healthy.

Anyways, I’m still adjusting. It’s hard to get over years of skittishness. But I eat my food most days, and I can feel my cool new muscles coming in. I love to run, and hike in the mountains, and I just love meaty treats. And TUNA! I love love love TUNA. It’s just so yummy.

It’s so great being able to see the world, and go on walks, and just have fun.



Anyhoodles, I’m off to bed. It was great meeting y’all!