Well, first off, many Happy New Year wishes to our readers. Can you believe we are already two weeks into 2012? In a mere twelve months, we’ll all be looking around wondering where 2012 went and how 2013 just snuck up on us.

Our holiday celebrations were pretty subdued this year, but we enjoyed each others company immensely. Plus, dear sweet Maggles got spayed just days before Christmas. So, we wanted to be home for her. Poor little lady bird. She’s healing up pretty nicely now.

We spent a lot of time at church this holiday season, which was truly enjoyable. P even wore a sparkly red tie on Christmas day.

Blingin' ties are all the rage here in case you didn't know (seriously, the more high powered a businessman, the more bling you'll find on his tie)

Sorry for a lack of Christmas morning pictures. Despite the fact that my camera comes with me everywhere, it hasn’t left my purse much in the last couple months. We started to take pictures when opening presents on Christmas, however, it was quickly forgotten in the excitement.

Anyways, A-ne-o: the Korean word for “no.” I feel like it’s been my mantra over the last week. “Aneo, aneo, look before you back out!!” “Aneo, aneo, gasoline, not diesel!” “Aneo, aneo, get your teeth off my dog, you mangy mutt” “Aneo, aneo, don’t pee on that wall!”

A couple days before the new year, a lovely gentleman had the great sense to back into my car as I drove past. Took off my mirror, took off the bumper over the back tire, left a lovely red streak down the side of the car. It was minor, considering all the near misses over the last year. But the man had the audacity to yell at me as though it was my fault. Dude, you’re backing out onto a one way/one lane street leading to the highway. There is no where for me to go, and in my case, not enough time to stop. Luckily there was enough room to swerve and avoid a head on collision.

Last weekend, we took a road trip to Ulsan, about five hours SE of Seoul (we bought a spin bike from an awesome ex-pat couple down south, it’s just too bad they are moving tomorrow). Obviously, we needed to fill up the tank occasionally and almost all Korean gas stations have attendants. We drive a “Musso,” a Korean SUV that is ordinarily a diesel chugging car. However, ours is not, it even has a giant sticker over the gas tank door (thingy-ma-bob) that says gasoline. Thank goodness diesel handles are apparently universally green, since I saw the green handle out of the corner of my eye just as he started to put the dispenser in our car. Aneo Aneo!

Then Tuesday, I took dear Maggie May out for our standard walk. She had been couped up all day in the apartment, so I took off running for the hill behind our apartment, so she could get a short sprint in, thought maybe we’d take a short hike through the woods. She wasn’t even halfway up the first set of stairs yet (I was at the bottom of the stairs, since surprise surprise, I’m remarkably slower than her), when a flash of mangy fur was clamping down on Maggie’s head. I screamed “NO! ANEO!” and tried to get to them so I could get him off her (he belongs to the restaurant owners who live behind us). I barely pushed him away when I finally was within arm’s reach, and Maggie rammed him over the side of the stairs (it was only like a foot high drop to the hill). Next thing I new, my landlord was behind me with his broom and the dog was running away with his tail between his legs. I’m just so happy, we have a fiesty Korean dog. She held her own and came away with the smallest of scratches on her nose.

The next day, I was taking Maggie for a long walk throughout the neighborhood when I rounded the corner of the same restaurant behind the house and some man is digging in his pants trying to whip it out and take care of business. It took about half a second before i realized what was going on and managed to shout out “Aneo, aneo.” The man blushed and laughed a rather jolly laugh. He even apologized. I picked up the pace and gave a quick “camsomnida” (thank you).

But alas, I must be off. Going to spend the afternoon with a good friend and I need  to catch my bus.