Can you believe that we’re in the final days of our first year in Korea? Yeah, neither can I.

So, this post is about how I’ve been spending my days as of late.

When I started volunteering with the Red Cross last April, the only positions available for non-medical personnel was a position as Main Office receptionist. While I could be of some help answering phones and directing visitors, I spent most of my “volunteer” time surfing the internet. In August, the hospital started asking for admin volunteers.

Since last spring, I’ve felt a strong calling towards women’s health. In September, I interviewed with the OB/GYN Nursing OIC. When I interviewed, I told them my goals and what I hoped to offer and gain from volunteering in this department. While I expected to be put on front desk duty, the clinic offered to train me as a nurse’s aide.

How lucky could I get?

Over the last few months, I’ve been volunteering in the clinic a few days a week. Never too much time, since the clinic is well staffed with nurses and nurse’s aides. However, I have learned so much, and it has only confirmed that I eventually want to go into this field. The staff has been so awesome, not only teaching me the ins and outs of being an aide, but also in letting me shadow various providers.

Oh, and in other news, Maggie is super shaggy with her cool new winter coat, and P moved into the job he’s been waiting on since we moved here.

Here’s to a new and wonderful year, the year of the Dragon!