Tonight, P-diddles went to bed before me, and I thought “Oh, perfect, I’ll update the blog!”

Needless to say, it’s two and a half hours later, and, while I’ve edited a TON of photos, I’m still no where near ready to catch everyone up.

So, I’ll leave you with a Cliff Notes catch-up, a few pictures, and a slightly empty promise to write a better update later:

1) This Easter, I joined the Catholic Church. It was far more exciting and moving than I expected. Everyone told me that Confirmation/First Communion would be powerful, blahdy-blah, but I was nowhere near prepared for the child-like joy and excitement I felt. I was absolutely giddy.


2) Maggie May is an adorable Easter “Bunny.” A little disgruntled, but adorable.

3) The weather is amazing! We’re still getting some chilly days, but I’m going to enjoy every last one of these blue-skied, sunny days! Monsoon season will pay us a visit very soon, whether we like it or not!

4) FLOWERS! The prettiest blooms of the year seem to happen in April and early May. It won’t be long until everything is a luscious green!

BTW, this is in the cemetery where we buried Baby Eli. Pretty, huh?

5) I love our creepy mountain. Maggie, P-diddles, and I have greatly enjoyed exploring the woods now that it’s getting warmer. We’ve seen some interesting stuff now that’s there’s not a blanket of snow covering everything. Sometimes I really feel like we’re not the best puppy parents to our little Mags, given that we’re always out and about. However, having her has gotten us exploring a lot closer to home these days, and I’m so happy for it!


"We're waiting....."

Abandoned/gutted Korean farmhouse in the middle of the woods.

View looking in from what was likely once the "shoe room."


6) On “Friday the 13th,” two lovely friends of ours were married. Not only did we have a grand time celebrating their nuptials, but it was also a stellar excuse to play dress-up!


7) I try not to visit Eli’s grave obsessively, but I do enjoy visiting him fairly regularly. It’s a peaceful place for me. Well, one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen Maggie do is walk up to his little grave and hang out with him for bit last week. It was a really touching moment.

8) We took a new family photo on our most recent hike. Thank goodness for self-timers on cameras and knocked over trees! And for those wondering, Maggie is a little grumpy because I ran over like a lunatic and proceeded to sit on her tail. Twice. Oops.

9) Finally, HAPPY PUPPY!!!!!!!!

With that my friends, I am going to bed.

Seizures, don’t have ’em.