Photo by Anamarie Photography

I think the picture says it all. This Christmas, we will receive the best present possible: a baby. We are so incredibly thrilled to be blessed with another pregnancy so quickly. So far things are going great (great in pregnancy measures anyways haha). I’m having a fantastic amount of morning sickness, exhaustion, bloat, and odd cravings, all of which are signs of a healthy pregnancy. We are almost out of the first trimester, and I’m looking forward to having a bit more energy and a bit less nausea.

10 Weeks

11 Weeks


The first picture is of Baby Squishy at 6 weeks 5 day, and the second picture was at 11 weeks. I am amazed at how much difference a month makes. With Eli, we never made it out of what I call the “pancake baby” stage — that point where the baby is really just a blob — and, as you can see, the first picture is also in the “pancake baby” stage. We had our first ultrasound before going on vacation, and saw Squishy’s perfect little heartbeat. The second picture was taken on Friday, and you can imagine my surprise when I saw a tiny little human on the monitor. Over the last five months, since getting pregnant the first time, I’ve never actually been able to picture a tiny little baby in my body. I imagine our newborn baby and our future children, but picturing a baby inside of me, just never actually happened. We got to watch little Squish stretch and squirm and kick. I was even able to make out little bones in his foot during one of his stretches. IT.WAS.AWESOME!

Our estimated due date is December 21, 2012. I don’t expect Squishy to actually arrive on that date, but how cool would it be to have an end of the world baby??

And a bonus picture:
P-diddles was a super sport helping me set up my camera for belly shots. We pushed it off all day, and he was absolutely exhausted by the time we got them.