This year, we didn’t get a long weekend for the 4th of July, but we did get an awesome midweek break!

Our original plan was to head over to Caribbean Bay Water Park on July 4th. Nothing like a little sun and water to celebrate Independence Day. But, of course, monsoon season couldn’t hold off until this weekend, and we woke up to a lovely drizzley day.

We decided after my morning nap (hey, baking babies is tiring work) to head into Seoul and buy tickets for Nanta, a Korean cooking performance. This is the longest running performance in Korea, and we can see why. It was hilarious! We bought tickets for the late show, and spent most of the afternoon moseying about Yongsan and Myoungdong. We had a great dinner at a cute little Italian place. The pasta was killer – nice and creamy and delicious. The only picture of our excursions came from that dinner. They put a hat on P’s beer!

In all seriousness, in you’re in Korea, see Nanta. I can’t believe it’s taken us a year and a half to go. It was fantastic!

Last night, P and I saw Wicked. P has been telling me for years that it’s his favorite musical and how we must go, if we get the chance. The show was originally set to run during May, when we were out of the country. Right before we left on vacation I noticed they pushed back the opening date and would be running for longer than a month. I was really excited and surprised my honey with tickets a few weeks ago. Yesterday took forever to get here, but it finally did. WICKED WAS WICKED! I can see why it’s P’s favorite show. Oh, and to add to the fun of the night, I loved watching my husband sing along to all the songs. I love my theatre nerd.

Overall, it was a fabulous couple of days, and went by way too quickly. But the awesome thing about a midweek break is that it’s now the weekend!