Miss Maggie and I thought we’d kill two birds with one stone tonight by walking some dinner down to P-diddles. It’s been such a nice afternoon after a few days of constant rain (which I’ve been loving) that I figured the weather would be great for a long evening walk. The two of us certainly could use one!

It was, indeed, gorgeous outside until we got halfway to post when the skies went from almost cloudless to torrential downpour in mere moments. As the first mist hit us, I thought, “Eh, a little rain won’t hurt us, it’ll probably feel really nice!” Ha! We made it another 10 feet and then I could barely see in front of me anymore.

Maggie was super cute, every few feet she would stop to try to shake off the water. She definitely is not a water pup!

Our dinner delivery mission was a failure, but it certainly was a fun adventure for the night!