Twenty-four and a half weeks down. Crazy how quickly it happened (especially when you think about the fact that this is our SECOND pregnancy this year!).

And because I never actually give anyone a comprehensive pregnancy update:

1. Little Potato has become quite the soccer player here lately. Over the last few weeks, my insides have not gotten a moment of rest. It’s an absolutely awesome and strange feeling. P felt him move for the first time about three weeks ago while we were in Thailand. I think that was a nice birthday present for the daddy-to-be.

2. Overall, I’m finally starting to feel human again.

3. I’ve gotten my appetite back. It was gone for the first eighteen weeks or so. Not only is it back, though, it’s back with a vengeance. It’s like my body is trying to make up for lost time. I just can’t get enough to eat.

Not quite appetite related, but kind of, so I’m sticking it here: I decided to participate in No Sweets September, Sweetless September, whatever you want to call it, mostly to see if I could do it. I decided on a whim, and P’s merciless insistence that I’ll never make it has me actually putting in an effort to succeed. Many of you know, I love anything sugary and baked; and now that Spud is letting me eat the sugary goodness (he’s still not down with anything too rich, though), I’ve been snacking on the crap a little too much. We’ll see how it goes! About twenty minutes after I made my decision, I got a serious hankering for oreos (I really don’t even like oreos lol), that has yet to go away. Figures.

4. My nausea and morning sickness seems to be on the way out, but I’m sure I’ll spend tomorrow over the toilet for saying anything about it. Happens every.single.time I mention that I’m feeling well.

5. I’m starting to put on a little weight (it’s about time!)–about four pounds, if you’re wondering.

6. Sleep is still rough for us, but I’m able to go longer stretches without getting up to use the bathroom. Score!

7. My belly button has completed half its journey to becoming an outie. I keep poking it back in; this is one change I’m just not ready for lol. I’m hoping to make it to the third trimester before it pops out completely.

Things are going well for us. P has been very very busy for months, and this month we have a ton of extra (and extra fun!) stuff going on as well.

We’re definitely ready for our vacation next month and for things to slow down just a smidge in December. Things in the house may not slow down, what with bringing a newborn home, but at least we’ll have a few days where we can shut out all the extras.

We have so much to look forward to in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, and are excited to see what each new day brings.