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As many of you know, we went to Thailand last fall to celebrate our first anniversary. It was a great trip; we learned to cook some of our favorite Thai dishes, played with tigers and elephants, took in the amazing scenery of Northern Thailand, and met some truly fantastic people. {For the record, I have been working on a post about that trip for the last year. It’s 3000 words and 100 pictures long, and I haven’t even gotten out of the first 24 hours yet. I’m still trying to figure out a way to convey the awesomeness of that trip a little more succinctly.}

Anyways, back on topic.

A month ago, we had an opportunity to return to Thailand. Poor P has become quite the workaholic here lately and was there for work, of course. However, I wasn’t too keen to sit at home and wait for his return, ESPECIALLY since we had zero opportunity to explore Bangkok while we were there last time. So, I hopped on a plane and headed his way for the last few days of his conference. {Friends in Korea, I highly suggest you check ticket prices through skyscanner.net when travelling in Asia. I found tickets through Jin Air–a Korean budget airline, similar to Southwest–for about half the cost of all the tickets on Expedia.}

I hardly saw P at all while I was there, but I certainly saw him more than I would have from Korea!! He was a busy busy bee!

The little munchkin and I sweat our butts off seeing all the major tourist and religious sites in Bangkok. It was fantastic!

By returning to Thailand, I also had an awesome opportunity to slow down and really interact with the Thai people. When we went last year, we had such a jam-packed schedule and were so used to the efficiency of Korean public transportation, that we found ourselves frustrated very quickly. After just five days, we were more than ready to come home and returned with a newfound appreciation for the easy lifestyle we have here. Going into this trip, a part of me actually hoped that I would feel the same way by the time I returned, as we are (okay, okay, I am) definitely starting to get the Korea blues and still have a long, cold seven months ahead of us. However, when it was time to go this time, I did not want to leave!!! I had such a  great experience. I only wish P could have joined me on all my excursions!