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Things that are awesome these days (in no particular order, minus the first one. That one definitely deserves it’s place at the top of this list):

We are celebrating our second anniversary this weekend. Some days, I wonder how it’s gone by SO quickly; and, others, I wonder if I lost a year in there somewhere, since it cannot possibly have only been two years. Regardless, I’m pretty pumped for our romantic Bourne movie marathon and fancy dinner we have planned.

We hit the third trimester in a few days, as well. It’s about time.

Fantastic friends. Really nothing more needs to be said on that one. We are surrounded by great people.

The munchkin is probably close 15 inches long, but rolled up he’s only the size of a large head of lettuce. I believe it. I’d say my belly is probably the same size as some lettuce.

I am actually starting to think my new outie belly button is cute. Yeah, I might have lost my mind.

We’ve been here for over 600 days (and less than 200 to go!).

Patrick has actually had days off over the last couple weekends. It’s been truly bizarre and AWESOME.

THE WEATHER!!!!!! Hurray for fall!

Things that are not so awesome these days:

Contractions, I’ve been having lots of contractions. It’s rather annoying. My doctor told me a couple months ago that I shouldn’t worry unless they’re regular for at least two hours, so I try not to worry, but who am I kidding? I totally worry.

We got a flat tire. That totally put a damper on my puppy play date plans I had today. The good thing is that it happened now and not four months from now when we’ll have a kiddo, it’ll be cold, and P-diddles will be gone.

I royally failed at No Sweets September. I really don’t want to talk about it.

I am officially at a weight I have never ever seen before. I am far under the norm on baby weight gain, but it’s still pretty frightening to see.

What’s new with you?