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So… I realized It’s been a solid six weeks since I posted a pregnancy update.

Week 27 also marked our 2nd anniversary. We originally planned to have a nice dinner out, but we opted instead for take out and a Bourne movie marathon. It was the perfect way to celebrate another year together.

Baby also grew quite a bit in our 27th week together. I think I’m starting to double in size each week. That’s the way it feels, anyways…..

As you know by our last post, we spent nine days in Cambodia earlier this month. It was a fabulous trip. Hot as balls, but fabulous. With all the walking and temple climbing, Baby D finally turned head down. He also dropped during the trip. For the most part, the dropping has been great. I love being able to eat AND breathe. Of course, there have been downsides, as well, but that’s okay: It’s all part of the process that’s bringing us closer to meeting our baby boy.

It’s been a lazy few weeks since we got back from our vacation. Well, for me at least. P has been working like crazy, as always. Baby’s kicks got exceptionally stronger the night before this picture was taken. Little dude is starting to actually give me bruises. It’s not cool at all.

We had professional maternity photos taken at 31 weeks by this sweet lady. Our couple hours with her were fun and filled with great conversation. As another woman said on her facebook page, “It felt like we were just taking a stroll with a friend….” I seriously could not have worded it better.

We have finally made it to 32 weeks. My “comfort” week; the week when I finally feel like I can breathe a little easier. Only two more months (ish) to go….