Well, I’ve been working on an update for awhile now, but WordPress seems to have lost it.

As is quite obvious, I’ve been pretty slack on the updates. I can’t believe that the last time I posted anything I was only 32 week preggers, and now I have this active, awesome two month old. Baby Potato (aka SPuD) surprised us by arriving over three weeks early, and, since then, I’ve found I really don’t care to sit at the computer and pound out posts and updates. On top of that, Spud has this crazy mommy radar that allows him to know exactly when I am on my big girl computer, and he always lets me know exactly how much he doesn’t like it. So, for now until who knows when, I’ll be updating from my schnazzy phone, likely while sweet little man naps on my chest.


I do want to apologize for the lack of updates. I had planned to type up a post on my baby shower, the rest of our Cambodia/Angkor Wat trip, more weekly photos, and a close out on my experiences volunteering in our hospital’s OB/GYN clinic. However, November was crazy, and I decided to push off everything to the first of December, when I’d have more time to do everything before the wee one’s arrival. But, like all babies, he was — and still is — on his own timeline and decided to arrive a day before my last day of volunteering.

Anyways, I’ll have to finish this up later, as he just woke up and demands my attention in the form of a diaper change.