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A year ago, we lost Eli. I still can’t believe we are finally upon the one year mark. I can’t believe that a single year can hold so much sadness and so much joy and everything in between. I am so grateful for everything we’ve experienced. I am so grateful to have given birth to the most amazing baby boy and for the opportunity to get to know him a little more every day.

I have been very open about our miscarriage over the last year. I think it’s important for those who are comfortable with sharing to break the silence and do so. It helps those who want to talk, but are too afraid to do so, be open about their pain, and it helps those who have no idea how to help or what to say know how to be there for those going through pregnancy and infant losses. There is something to be gained in knowing this community exists. That we are not alone.

This project, The Still Project, is producing a much needed documentary about stillbirth, miscarriage, and infant loss. These topics are kept quiet in our society, and, while I hate that anyone has gone through this, I am glad people are speaking out about it. This pain affects too many of us.

STILL Trailer