Stealing one from the liebwilley.blogspot.com playbook:

The wack/wonderful Wednesday post. You know, except it’s half an hour til Tuesday right now. No biggie. Sometimes, you just need to make a list (and update your blog — two birds, one stone, I’ll take it).


1. The fact that every.single.person we’ve met on this trip thinks Baby Potato is either my baby brother or that I’m an unwed teen mother.
2. Their openly shocked expressions when they find out that neither is the case.
3. The number of butt cracks I’ve seen at the hotel pool.


1. My cute baby is a show stopper. I’ve lost count of the number of people that have taken time out of their days to gush over him.
2. I should age well, considering I was told I look 15 today.
3. Hubster will be home in just a few short weeks.
4. This awesome vacation we’re on with my parents and baby bro (the real one). I’m thoroughly enjoying the family time. Just wish my love could be here, too.
5. It’s Holy Week. ‘Nough said.



Happy Easter, y’all.