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Have you ever seen that movie Baby Geniuses? The idea is that babies are, well, geniuses from birth. Super smart and can communicate with one another and have this vast set of super baby skillz. Then one day, as the baby begins to enter toddlerhood, they “cross over,” and lose all of that knowledge and become your standard babbling kiddo. Well, I kind of think they were onto something, and that babies really do know something that we don’t. Or simply that their innocence just allows them to be more receptive to the Holy Spirit.

So, my theory:

I truly believe when Sweet Baby stares off into space and makes funny faces or starts babbling to a corner that Eli and our friends’ and families’ angels are actually playing with him.

I could be crazy, but I like my theory. It makes me very happy to imagine our earthly child and our heavenly child developing that special sibling bond.