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That’s right: Day 1. We’re starting over. Today was our first day living in Fort Lost in the Woods of Misery. Ahem. I mean, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.


We arrived in the wee hours of the morning after three full days of driving and sightseeing. Think midnight early.

I’ll tell you. The area doesn’t look quite so empty in the middle of the night. The light of day definitely put things into perspective. There’s really not much to the town outside post. Regardless, I’m pretty excited about this little stint in the Show Me state.

We awoke bright and early to load up the car and headed on post. We’d scheduled an appointment with housing to see our new home at 9AM and were a bit antsy about getting lost. So, off we went with our Panera bagels, arriving a solid hour early. Score for not being late! (A little fun fact about the mister and me: we always thought it was interesting how many parents of babies run late and didn’t understand how come they didn’t just leave earlier. Yeah, we get it now, and run late to everything.)

Wanna know what the second big score of the morning was? They didn’t just have a house waiting for us, they had THREE waiting. That’s right, three, and we got to pick our favorite. Talk about awesome.

So, in the middle of a crazy spring downpour with a hangry (which is an angry state of mind fueled by hunger) baby, we walked through three not-so-terrible houses. Honestly, I think we would’ve been happy with any of the three; only one was immediately struck off the list, and that wasn’t a house issue but a backyard issue. A significant drop off to a concrete drainage ditch three feet from the back door really isn’t going to work, especially with a soon-to-be mobile baby. Anyhoodles, we picked our favorite and have spent the day getting the tiniest of things done. Weighed the car, bought some cleaning supplies, P-diddles signed into his new unit, etc. Nothing too exciting. I am definitely looking forward to getting our furniture and our KITCHEN stuff. Trying to find healthy stuff to eat that doesn’t require anything more than an oven to cook or arrange proved to be difficult during our quick commy run. I think I’ll be eating a LOT of salad…..

But now the guys are sleeping and I should be as well. So, good night, friends.