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Has it really been two weeks already?! Ahhhh.

Much like our 2+ years in Korea, these last two weeks have flown by. Minus the fact that we don’t have any furniture (an old end table currently being used as a kitchen stool doesn’t count, does it?), I feel like we’ve always been here. We are settling in nicely, finding our favorite places to grocery shop and eat out; we might have even made a few friends earlier this week (making friends with couples is like being in the dating scene all over again). We’ve yet to make any far out excursions, but that’s okay as we really want to get acquainted with our new little town. Because, really, who wants to spend 2-4 hours in a car with a kid who haaaaaates being strapped in?? Not us!

We have done tons of walking and poking around the woods here on post. We even found ourselves in “Iraq” last weekend while searching for Miller Cave. They really need to mark their exercise areas a little better.

Anyways, more to come. The wee one is awake. It’s play time!