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So, I want to apologize for not posting many updates over the last several months. I thought maybe once we landed in Missouri I would be a more frequent blogger, maybe catch up on those posts I’d wanted to write in December before sweet baby’s arrival (surprise!! He had different plans), but lately I find myself frequently questioning whether or not I even want to keep this little slice of the Internet going.

On one hand, duh, of course I do. Why else would I be sitting here typing away?

But on the other hand, I am really struggling with the idea of just freely sharing my sweet little boy with the entire World Wide Web for anyone to see. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lifestyle blog where I feel like I totally know the writer(s) and their family and what happens in their day-to-day lives. I do. I could spend hours upon hours reading many of the blogs I’ve stumbled upon over the the last few years. And sometimes, when Baby Potato is having a nurse-athon, I put down my book and read a few blogs instead.

But there’s a couple things holding me back:

1) I spend most of my days snuggling, tickling, nursing, spinning, giggling, what have you, with my cute Potato baby. Seriously, blogging mamas, where do you find the time? I’m writing this post on my phone with a little one napping at the breast. The few minutes I do get to actually sit at my computer, I try to use to study for the GRE or make sure I have everything in order for grad school (we’ll get to that shortly). And most of my hands-free time actually goes to scarfing down some food or trying to accomplish a little housework (I really suck at the housewife part of being a stay-at-home mother. But then, I sucked at it before I had a child, so it really should come as no surprise).

2) and this is the big one. I just can’t bring myself to share the precious moments of my days with just anyone. Yeah, I know there are plenty of private moments in a full-time blogger’s life (not that I think I’ll ever actually be one of those bloggers), but the idea of sharing Sam’s first word, smile, struggles, and accomplishments, even his beautiful face, on here makes me cringe a little. This is my baby. The kid I prayed and cried for; the one I’d do anything for. He’s pretty close to my entire world (and since I have a pretty good idea who all four people that read my blog are, I know y’all get that since you’re parents, too). Anyways, call me paranoid, but I worry about the creepers of the world taking notice of my precious son and I just can’t bear the thought of it. Even letting in the well-meaning strangers in to this part of our life just doesn’t sit well deep down in my gut. And those who know me know I don’t do anything if I have a bad gut feeling about it.

Anyhoodles, we are settling in well.

We finally have all of our stuff. The fifth and final shipment arrived two weeks ago, and almost everything is out of boxes and put away. Almost. It’s been tough making out four bedroom apartment plus three-thousand pounds of storage fit into our little army issue two bedroom. But we’re making it work. We actually really like the size and layout of this house, and frankly, we can definitely stand to get rid of some stuff.

My parents and brother visited last week, which was great. I wish they could’ve stayed longer.

I’ve registered to take the GRE next week and am applying to grad school. This fall, I’ll be taking four or five undergrad classes that are required for entry to the program. I could definitely use your prayers. So long as P is in the Army, there are only two schools that have the degree I want and keep my commute under two hours. And both school are extremely competitive. So, I need to get into the school AND the Army has to send us to one of those locations. The chances of both happening are slim. I do have a back up plan, but it’ll take a couple extra years to get to the end goal, which is tough to stomach for many reasons.

We found a home DZ, and we love it there. We knew the DZ culture was something we’d been missing in Korea, but I don’t think we realized just how much we needed it in our lives. Plus, this place also has a shooting range and a swimming pool. Fun for the whole family! P is working towards his tandem rating and I’m working towards just getting back in the air (hopefully in the next week or two, I’ll be current again).

Overall, we love FLW. There’s plenty to keep us busy. We’re actually really struggling because we want to spend every weekend at the DZ, but we also want to explore our area and get to know our new friends, too. I think we’re going to be sad to leave this place in the spring.