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About two weeks ago, my family drove up for a visit. Life was messy as shipments 4 & 5 (yes, we had FIVE shipments of crap stuffed into this little house. In. Sane.) both arrived days before them and we have a sweet baby who demands our attention (and really who doesn’t want to give it to him?!) and my little brother was spending a few days at a summer camp 45 minutes away in Rolla (where lo and behold, I once spent a week at summer camp years ago). Lots and lots going on. Plus, my dad and I wanted to make apple butter and applesauce (both were/are super yum, FYI).

So, during the many trips up to Rolla that week, this restaurant and that one were recommended, to include A Slice of Pie. Everyone said it was the “best.” Boy, were they all right. We walked in thinking, “oh, we’ll just grab a pie, maybe two, and take them home for after dinner.” Ha. Haha. Funny. 1) I love pie. So does my dad, and Mom had sent us pie shopping alone since sweet baby was sleeping in the car. 2) Holy moly, the selection. And the yummy awesome fresh baked pie (and brownie!!) smells. It was all just so amazingly overwhelming. And amazing. Did I mention that?

We ended up leaving with two pies, half a brownie (the brownies are baked in pie pans), and a slice of heavenly Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie. It was still warm. My dad and I were trying to finish it before we got around the building and Mom noticed us, but the slice was much too big and we had to share. The three of us spent about 3.8 seconds deliberating on whether or not to turn around and buy out all their Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie. We sped out of there with a three pies, kicking ourselves for buying them so many hours before dinner and, finally, dessert.

They were fantastic, and there were tons of leftovers to be had. P and I survived almost exclusively on pie for the next week. And ever since, all I can think about is the filling from THE SRP. So, last week, when I finally got around to restocking our food stores, I actually paid attention to the rhubarb in the produce section. You see, before the SRP, I’d never had rhubarb anything. I’d certainly never cooked or baked with it. Why would I bother with the creepy red celery? Well, the joke was certainly on me. So, I quickly snatched up the prettiest red stalks and a pack of strawberries, thinking I’d come up with some sort of tangy-sweet something to make with my goodies.

For five days, the rhubarb sat in my fridge untouched, while the strawberries slowly disappeared. During that time, I poked around the web, but I wasn’t 100% certain on what to make. Jam seemed boring, pie was out of the question (trying really hard to limit my grains and dairy — in introduced both back into my diet during the move; and I’ve found it’s a lot hard to cut the stuff out a second time, especially when the baby is actually tolerating it for the most part. More on all that later.), couldn’t do anything complicated because life with Sweet Baby doesn’t give me a lot of time in the kitchen anymore.

But I kept coming back to this recipe:


And then I found this recipe:


A little back story. I first discovered David Lebovitz around the time that I started this blog. Before I found Pinterest. I trust this man in my kitchen (figuratively, of course). His Upside Down Banana Chocolate Chip Cake is positively swoon worthy. So, when he said he likes using other berries with rhubarb, I knew for sure that jam was the way to go on this little cooking adventure.

I mostly used food52’s recipe as my guide, but tweaked it just a bit (partially because I wanted to use different berries, and partially because I didn’t have a full pound of rhubarb).

Next time, I’ll break out the measuring cups and figure out more exact measurements. But for now, here it is.

Small Batch Berry-Rhubarb Jam
Makes 1 pint (I think, it was two of the medium ish mason jars)

3/4lb Strawberries (hulled and sliced) and Blueberries, combined (I used a mix of frozen and fresh)
3/4lb Rhubarb, sliced into half inch chucks
(If I had to guess, it was probably about 2C each)

2/3C sugar (I used organic evaporated cane sugar)

Combine in bowl.
Let sit for at least one hour on counter (up to 48 hours, according to the food52 recipe), until juices are flowing nicely.
Poor into a pan.
Bring to a rapid boil.
Reduce heat.
Let simmer 20-30 minutes, stirring frequently.
Jam is done when it passes the freezer test: place a small blob on a plate or spoon in the freezer to cool. After a few minutes, if the jam is finished, the surface with wrinkle when nudged with finger, tongue, utensil, what have you (although, you might not be able to see the wrinkle if you use your tongue).




Jar it up and enjoy!! Preferably with these biscuits (it’s an easy small batch recipe and very flexible!):


PS – That’s a Chorizo Sweet Potato Hash that I whipped up to go with our Breakfast for Dinner last night (I couldn’t wait until my morning toast to eat this jam!). Maybe, if I get some time today, I’ll post that recipe, too. I’m kind of liking this whole sharing-my-favorite-recipes-on-the-blog thing.