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Once again, it’s been forever since my last post. For the last month, life has been a huge game of “hurry up and wait” (an Army favorite). But now that that waiting game is over, I feel like I can actually look back and really absorb all that’s happened over the last few months.

For starters, as of today, it is officially official that we are moving to Fort Hood, Texas, and will be doing so BEFORE the Thanksgiving holidays. SURPRISE! We’ve known this was coming for about a week, but it’s still a pretty big bummer. We were really looking forward to being here until spring. We’re especially bummed because this means we won’t spending Thanksgiving OR Sam’s birthday with family (and our fantastic FLW friends) this year.

The good news is that some of our favorite Korea peeps are stationed at Fort Hood, too! Now that we’re a few years into this whole Army life thing, we’ll be hard-pressed to move anywhere where we won’t know at least a couple people. It’s a pretty cool feeling. We’re also excited for the fresh start: the new adventure. P will be working in an entirely new field, and for the first time in either of our skydiving lives, we’ll have the opportunity to live in the same town as a dropzone (heck, yeah)! We’re both pretty pumped to not have a 2+ hour drive to the dz every weekend.

Overall, we are incredibly excited about this move.

In other news, the baby is mobile. It took him longer than most babies, and he’s not actually crawling, but last month, he MASTERED the spidery, butt-scoot. He’s also starting to get pretty efficient with his army crawl, but he very much so prefers his butt-scoot. I worry a little that he isn’t actually crawling, but I know that all babies develop in their own way and on their own timeline. He’s also starting to get quite the vocabulary: mama, dada, nigh nigh (night night), hi, and yeah. We can tell that he understands quite a bit, too, which is also really cool. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since he joined us earth-side. I hope the rest of our lives doesn’t pass this quickly, but I have a feeling it will. Thankfully, years from now, I will have the internet to help me remember what happened 😉

As for what’s going on with us: P graduated from his Career Course last week. He did the course for Engineers, instead of the one for Aviators, and was one of the top ten graduates in his class. I’m super proud of him! I’ve taken to jam- making and canning in my free time. I really enjoy it. It’s been a lot of fun learning the science behind it, too.

Oh, how could I have forgotten this: baby bear had his first trip to the ER! He ate a baby wipe. Yes, the entire thing. THAT was an interesting afternoon. He’s okay, thankfully.

Otherwise, things have been mostly quiet around here. It’s been nice. The air is cool and crisp, and the leaves are changing. Another wonderful new season of life…