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So, I love this blog. It tends to fall to the bottom of a very long to-do list (tonight, the dishes are following to the bottom… it feels good to be a rebel), but I do love it.

I could easily blame my lack of substantial posts on the fact that I cannot get my crap together (seriously, my kid is almost a year old, why have I not figured out this time management and/or multitasking thing yet? Heck, why didn’t I learn it six years ago at the US Naval Academy?!), but, really, my biggest issue is that I can’t figure out if I want to talk about my baby and share his sweet face on here. This is the internet damnit. Any creepy perv can float around and say “hi” or steal your photos or stalk you or any number of creepy/scary/annoying things my paranoid mind can come up with…. Anyways.

Hi, my name is A****, I’m super paranoid and worry about everything.