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Well, it’s finally here: our last day in Fort Lost in the Woods of Misery. And really this sudden change of orders (we were supposed to be here until March) has really been quite the blessing. Why? I saw flurries today. Yeah, snow flurries. Noooo thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I like snow and I’d be super excited about moving to a place where it snows, but I’m also super excited about moving to a place with mild winters.

Ok, let’s be real, I’m ecstatic. Hello? Year round skydiving! Need I say more?! Yeah, didn’t think so.

Today, we finished up with all our business here on FLW and handed over the keys to our little Tuna Can house. Hallelujah!


We actually like a small house, but we crammed a four bedroom home into this two bedroom duplex. In an effort to make the place livable, we didn’t babyproof right away, and that has become a problem. I’m so looking forward to baby proofing as we settle in and not having to worry constantly about the kid pulling a tv on his head. Anyways…

Tomorrow, we start another Day 0. Here’s to the next adventure! See ya on Sunday, Texas!