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Somehow, it’s already been almost two weeks since left Fort Leonard Wood. Crazy how the time flies!! We arrived the Sunday before Thanksgiving and quickly got settled into our cozy hotel room. Baby Potato and I hit the road early that Monday in search of a little slice of Texas to call “home,” while Daddy Potato started in-processing. The day before Thanksgiving we signed a one year lease for this sweet Texas ranch. The backyard has the perfect tree to set up a swing for the wee one. I can’t wait!


On Thanksgiving Day, we spent the morning jumping at Skydive Temple. The dz shut down early (it was a holiday after all), so we found ourselves at IHOP for our holiday meal. While it wasn’t our first choice, we we were both very grateful for the servers and cooks who worked on their holiday so we could have a nice meal. It definitely beat a dinner of microwave burritos!! Another cool fact: IHOP has a very thorough allergen menu online and it turns out that they have a number of meals that accommodate the baby’s dairy allergy as is. All we had to do was make sure they knew he had an allergy so they didn’t get generous and sprinkle some cheese or something on his plate. It might actually be one of our new favorite restaurants now.


We also celebrated Baby’s first birthday last week. More to come on that later!

Second to celebrating Little’s birthday and our first year as parents (nobody died!! Success! And it was quite enjoyable! Double success!!), was getting to reconnect with friends from when P was in flight school. The people are what make this army life so great, and it’s the coolest thing being able to pick up right where we left off three years later. What’s even cooler is that those friends also had a baby girl about the same time our little guy came into the world. An arranged marriage is currently in the works.

Otherwise, we’ve just been trying to get settled in. We painted our kitchen last weekend to match the rest of the house (it was the color and texture of a turd, so so bad… now it’s lovely pale gray), our HHGs have been delivered, and the holidays are quickly approaching!! Things are very good!