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If this deployment were a Korean baby, we could leave the house for the first time today. We would throw a big party celebrating the little one surviving 100 days (and I would be celebrating surviving 100 days of motherhood without leaving the house… In case anyone was wondering, we went to Mass immediately after leaving the hospital and didn’t spend a full day at home until weeks after Spud was born. Less because we needed to, and more because it kept the baby blues/ppd at bay. Maybe I’ll write more on that another day). If I think about this deployment as a 100 day old baby, I get a little depressed, because I remember how tiny my three and a half month old was just a year ago… But, hey, he became this rambunctious seventeen month old; so, obviously, we’ve seen that a year will, indeed, pass. Eventually.

So, in the last fifty days,

  • S has started walking (due to a cast impeding his crawling),
  • S broke his arm (jumped off the couch; he’s not our kid, at all),
  • S has started potty-training himself (bad timing, kid, we have a couple upcoming road trips),
  • S’s sign vocab and spoken vocab has EXPLODED (ok, so maybe ‘exploded’ is a bit of a stretch), and
  • S has cut four teeth with quite a few more making themselves known (what’s up, nobody-will-ever-sleep-again?!)

And in our non(ish)-baby world,

  • I’m in the homestretch to the MCCW conference and, therefore, have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure I have my stuff completed (one week and all I’ll have left is writing travel reimbursement checks. And a margarita. Or a bottle of wine. Or both),
  • I booked our tickets to go see P this summer (hallelujah. I’m thankful that P is not in Afghanistan because 1. he is in a safe location for this deployment, and 2. he gets a mini R&R),
  • I bought a new lens (Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8. Holy amazeBALLZ. uh.may.zing. My love for this thing rivals my love for my skydiving rig), and
  • yeah, that’s it, we lead a not so exciting life these days.

I have big plans and dreams for our summer, but I’m sure a lot of it won’t happen. We have a couple of trips planned leading up to our visit to see P-diddles. The prep for and recovery from those trips will take up quite a bit of our summer. When I think of this year in terms of trips, it seems like it might go by quickly. Our fall is still wide open, if anyone reading likes rambunctious toddlers 😉