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Woohoo for radio silence! I’d apologize for that, but I’m not actually sorry 😉

Plus, really, who wants to listen to me babble for 86 days about my baby and the fact that my husband is gone? Yeah, I don’t either. Those topics are only interesting to me and about thirteen others (all of whom have my phone number and are capable texters).

This summer has been going well. Okay, fabulously. Go ahead, ask me why. Of course, I’ll tell you!

I got to see my husband! And it was a a special bonus trip! Not even the vacation that we still have planned for next month! Yayayayayayayay for meeeeeee (and him and the baby, too, I guess)!!!!!!

Oh, yeah, and the real reason I’m here:

We’re moving to Japan this fall!!! We are so thrilled to be getting back to our Asian roots. There were so many places we wanted to see that we just never got around to visiting. Ahem, like Japan. This is going to be such a fan-freaking-tastic experience for us! Maybe I’ll be better about sharing our adventures this time. Or maybe not haha. I just read the three year old post I have sitting in my drafts box about our first visit to Thailand. Man, that was a great trip.

Anyhoodles, that’s all I have for ya! Toodles!

…Yeah, I watch too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.