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And, boy, does it feel good.

A little backstory:

When all of our stuff finally arrived in Japan, I was, once again, blown away by how much crap we owned. Mind you, in 2013, when we moved to Missouri, I purged a whole room full of stuff, and, when we left Texas last fall, a solid 1/3 to 1/2 of our stuff was left behind- some in storage and some donated. But as I bounced a crabby toddler and watched our life pour out of nearly 100 boxes, I was done. Our clothes filled the closets and piled to the ceiling (I kid you not), the kitchen items covered every flat surface between the kitchen and dining room, and photos and art leaned against every wall of every room.

It amazed me that in any other move besides coming here, our family is authorized to move 10,000 pounds more than what we moved here.

Slowly, I took a deep breath and started sorting. Keep, donate, trash, keep, donate, trash. Until, finally, the apartment was in a manageable place where we could invite friends over for dinner and I could feel confident that no one would trip and die in a midnight accident.

Yet, somehow, despite donating 5+ LARGE boxes of stuff plus bags and bags of clothes, I still felt like we had too much. Like way too much. And then I stumbled upon this article, and, now, it’s game on. Patrick and I have been listening to Marie Kondo’s book on tidying while clearing the apartment of items that are neither useful or joy inducing, and it feels so good.

For the first time in memory, all of my clothes easily fit into my closet and tiny Army issue dresser (with breathing room, even!), and I feel like there is still plenty of room for improvement. I’m strongly considering taking on a capsule wardrobe (still have no idea who came up with that name or what it’s supposed to mean – it fits in a time capsule?? I don’t know). I think it’s brilliant, but I’m just not ready to take the plunge. Baby steps.

Next, I’m going to start working on paring down the kitchen even more. Can you believe we had three dozen bowls when we moved here?! Just bowls. We were well on our way to starring in the next episode of Hoarders. It’s been mighty freeing to offload so much of our stuff, especially knowing how often we move.

What about you? Have you recently donated or sold some of your things? Would you ever consider a capsule wardrobe?