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What can I say? It was warm and humid and sunny and green. So green. It was exactly the R&R we needed, especially considering we were able to catch a direct flight. Win, even without the toddler.

We stayed on the north side of the island, which was great. Super quiet and so many beautiful sights within an hour’s drive. And the villa we rented was perfect. Huge and comfy, with a private pool and the sweetest staff. Iluh definitely deserves a shoutout for the most amazing breakfasts and dinners she made for us. Noms for dayz. Her daughter, Ayu, who acted as hostess, was just the sweetest young woman you ever did meet. Sam fell head over heels in love, obviously. The big (okay, only) downer, though: it was more than three hours away from the airport, making that direct flight feel a little less.. direct…

The main tourist town, Kuta (like two minutes from the airport, way better than three hours), is super westernized and seemed like it could be a lot of fun for the childless, barhopping folks. Going to bars on vacation seems like a far flung dream these days lol.

Overall, the entire island felt 100% kid friendly, which is so refreshing.

It was a good trip. I’m looking forward to the warmth again, and, as soon as it’s fully hot and humid here, I’ll be dying for winter again 😉