My therapist told me I needed to find an outlet [separate from the kids] and make some friends, so, here I am trolling the internet and killing two birds with one stone. Maybe. Pretty sure my mom is the only one who reads my blog, and she’s already my friend. Hi, mom.

A little catch up:

  • I had a baby a few months ago. She’s the bee’s knees, and, thankfully, an easy baby so far. God bless her.
  • I recently learned I don’t just have an overactive imagination: I have anxiety.
  • I’m not just lonely and tired: I’m depressed (I’m not 100% on this one, but, hey, rollin’ with it).
  • I also forgot how to cook and clean while I was pregnant and now have a lot of free time on my hands.

This is good news for you. It means I’m back to oversharing on the internet. But this time, without the pretense of sanity. Lucky you!

Missed you all! ā¤